Feb 3, 2016


Congrats to the Chicago Cubs on winning the 2016 World Series. It's been a loooooonnnnnng time coming.

Further congrats to Chris Bosio, pitching coach for the Cubbies, who's done a great job with that staff. Chris was voted #19 on our All-Time Top 50 list a few years ago. On a personal level, “Bos” provided my son Alex with pitching lessons and coached his traveling team in the late 1990s. Great to see a good man rewarded.

And speaking of good men, Don Lyle, long-time Sacramento area scout for the Indians, was rewarded for a tremendous career by attending this year's World Series in Cleveland. The Tribe came up two runs short in Game 7. To read our profile on Don, click his name above.

Unless a miracle happens, this will be our last post at As we noted in July, the platform we've been using to construct this web site, had grown old and flunky, making maintenance problematic. Worse, the company that created it went out of business, so upgrades were impossible. Then in September the computer on which this platform resided suddenly quit. Through a back-door opening, we’re able to change some text, but that's about it. And so it’s Game Over.

Plus, I'm am still working on revising a new historical novel “The Curse of Queen Califia” set in Drakes Bay and involves the first European explorers on the West Coast of North America. And so creative fiction occupies my time today.
Last year, we created an audiobook dramatization with eight other voice actors in the area (including Leon Lee and Johnny Doskow of the RiverCats) of my novella “The Miracle of the Christmas Wish Holder.” We encourage you to check it out.

I want to thank several people who helped make the outlet it became: Mark McDermott who came along in the early days and supercharged it with his long-time historical knowledge combined with his savvy from many years on the sports desk at Sacramento Bee. Alan O'Connor, our resident Solons/Pacific Coast League historian and collectible extraordinaire, contributed several articles and many artifacts that we translated for our readers in photos. Plus numerous others contributed their writing and/or photographic skills. And big thanks to all the technicians and web experts who lent their expertise to an editor who was learning on the job to create and maintain a web site chock full of goodies for baseball fans everywhere.

You are welcome to peruse our past features and stories found in the History and Spotlight sections.


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