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The Alan O'Connor Collection

Featuring uniforms, gear and miscellany
Sacramento Senators
& Solons Teams


Alan was profiled by the Sacramento Bee
in March 2010. To read the story,
click on this link.


 Alan O'Connor 


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 Krens Bats


 Tony Freitas_Jersey

 (Above: Photo of Solons' pitcher, Tony   Freitas and Solons jersey circa 1930)



(Above: Jersey, hat and shorts worn by players on the 1975 Sacramento Solons. At right, is a collection of items used by Solons' pitcher Bud Watkins during his tenure with the Solons {1952-53, '55-'58, '60} with the exception of the jacket, which was standard Solons issue in the 1950s. All items owned by Alan O'Connor.)



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